Tie Dye Kit with Hidden Space Effect T-Shirt - 6 Piece, 3 Color DIY Set


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  • ALL IN ONE || 6 piece kit includes negative-space effect, space-themed t-shirt, turquoise, fuchsia, and yellow powder dyes in easy-squeeze bottles, a collection of elastic rubber bands, and multiple pairs of plastic gloves 
  • INCLUDED || Tee that, once tie-dyed, shows planets, stars, and space objects - Includes a step-by-step technique guide featuring multiple tie-dye looks to choose from 
  • BRIGHT & BOLD COLORS || Simply add water to the powdered colored dyes and shake to activate - Use immediately after mixing 
  • MACHINE WASHABLE || Dyes are machine washable - Colors stay vibrant through repeated washings 
  • FUN FOR ALL || A great and stimulating activity for all ages - Easy to use equipment - Adult supervision required 

Manufactured by TieSpy and Tiny Fish Printing in Rochester, NY.