Rough Citrine, 3 Inch Specimen - Dark Brown Color


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  • 100% authentic Brazilian Rough Citrine
  • Dark brown shade
  • While each and every stone will feature it's own unique shape and size- the specimen measures approximately 3" wide
  • Great for classroom geological study, home décor or jewelry making
  • Every piece in the Artisan Mined collection is one of a kind and will vary slightly in color, shape and scenic markings. Image represents a sample of the specimen you will receive

Made of 100% Brazilian citrine, each specimen features its own unique assortment of color combinations, bands, eyes, veins, and shocks. This piece features a darker brown shade. Specimen is raw and untouched, and has a naturally imperfect shape.

Excellent for classroom geological study in rocks and minerals, but can also be used for jewelry making, or as home decor. Citrine has also been used in metaphysical and natural healing practices.

While each and every specimen will feature it's own unique shape and size, it will measure approximately 3" wide and weigh about 4-5 ounces.

Every item from the "Artisan Mined" series is backed by a complete satisfaction guarantee. As is the nature of true, authentic geological specimens, each specimen is completely unique and some can be more striking or appealing to certain people. If you receive an item and are dissatisfied, we will exchange your item free of charge (in some cases allowing you to preview the set before shipment).