Blue Fluorite Puff Heart, 4.75 Inch (2.5lbs)


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  • 100% authentic, collector's quality Fluorite carved puff heart figure
  • This natural stone specimen features beautiful shades of turquoise, green & blue, with hints of purple, gray, gold and white
  • Measures 4.75" wide, 4.2" long and 2.25" tall
  • The natural beauty of these stones make each piece the perfect gift for any specimen enthusiast, and makes for lovely home décor
  • Specimens are carefully mined, carved and polished by a family-owned company. Every piece in the Artisan Mined collection is one of a kind and will vary slightly in color, shape and scenic markings

Fluorite Carved Puff Heart Figure , 4.75" x 4.2" x 2.25"

This beautiful, collector's quality fluorite specimen was mined, carved and finished with care to ensure a superior level of quality. Each piece features its own unique assortment of color combinations, bands, eyes, veins, and shocks and is carefully polished to ensure a smooth finish. Colors are completely natural and unenhanced.
This Fluorite puff heart figure features beautiful shades of turquoise, green & blue, with hints of purple, gray, gold and white. Its polished finish and elegant feel make it a lovely addition to any setting, and pairs well with all styles of indoor and outdoor décor.
Each heart will measure approximately 4.75" wide, 4.2" long, 2.25" tall and weighs approximately 2.5lbs.

Every item from the "Artisan Mined" series is backed by a complete satisfaction guarantee. As in the nature of true, authentic geological specimens, each specimen is completely unique and can be more striking or appealing to certain people. If you receive an item and are dissatisfied, we will exchange it free of charge (in some cases allowing you to preview the set before shipment).