Petrified Wood, 24lbs - Freeform Piece with Polished, Angled Cross Section Cut Fossilized Wood


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  • Beautiful, petrified wood log with bark detail and polished, angled cross section cut
  • Each log measures approximately 8" tall, 7" wide & long. Because each piece is completely unique, size dimensions will vary widely, but your piece will weigh at least 24lbs
  • The polished cross section showcases the specimens mineralized core. The minerals may feature several colors, including brown, gray, charcoal, white, black and red
  • Each piece is carefully mined, and gently polished by a family-owned company
  • This freeform piece is made of 100% authentic, fossilized wood

This freeform, petrified wood log was mined, and gently polished by hand to ensure a superior level of quality. 100% authentic fossilized wood. Each piece features bark detail and an angled cross section cut, which is polished to showcase the beautiful, internal mineralization. Each cross section of the piece features its own unique assortment of color combinations, bands, eyes, veins, and shocks. Some common colors found in these specimens include brown, gray, charcoal, white, black and red.

The natural and polished details of this piece make it a lovely addition to any setting, and works well with all styles of indoor and outdoor décor. Each petrified log will weigh at least 24lbs. The shape of each specimen varies widely, but will measure approximately 8" tall, 7" wide and 7" long. As is the nature of true, authentic geological specimens, each is completely unique and some can be more striking or appealing to certain people. If you receive your item and are dissatisfied, we will be happy to help you with an exchange (in some cases, allowing you to preview the exchange set before shipment). We hope you understand the variable nature of such products, but we want nothing more than for you to be completely satisfied.