Baseball Wreath, 12" - Handmade, Double Wrapped Yarn


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  • White & red wreath with baseball bat, field & catchers mitt embellishments
  • Wrapped with two layers of yarn. The white portion of the white yarn features baseball style stitching accents
  • Baseball bat, field and catchers mitt with baseball embellishments are crafted from felt
  • The outer diameter of the wreath measures 12", with the inner diameter measuring 9"
  • This adorable design makes an excellent addition to any childrens room or nursery

 This adorable wreath is crafted entirely by hand, doubled wrapped with yarn and embellished with three baseball themed felt accents. Features a body with white yard on top, and red on the bottom. White wrapped yarn is accented with baseball style stitching. The base of the wreath is decorated with a baseball bat, a baseball diamond and a catchers mitt with a baseball in the center. The top of the wreath has a loop for easy hanging.

The outer diameter of the wreath measures 12", and the inner diameter measures 9". The wrapped section measures 1.5" wide and 0.75" long. The felt embellishments of this piece are spread 9.5" along the base of the wreath.