10oz Marine Caulk Cartridge, Black - SIS440


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  • HIGH QUALITY MARINE POLYMER || 10oz cartridge of black caulk - One-part silane polymer - Forms a solid rubber compound with highest rated UV resistance - Excellent resistance to chemicals - Superior temperature stability - Easy to sand - Improves project turnover time 
  • FLEXIBLE & PRIMER-FREE || Thixotropic paste which does not drip or sag - Easy to work because it stays flexible - One-step process saves application time - No solvents - Environmentally friendly - Safe for work environment - More economical - Less waste 
  • FIRST-CLASS APPEARANCE || Use in seams from 3 to 10mm wide to achieve first-class appearance - Seam depth should be equal to or greater than the seam width - Caulk must fill to bottom of seam - Bond-breaker tape recommended for seams of 5mm (3/16”) or deeper - Full depth caulk seams extend teak deck life
  • CURE TIME || Cures to provide better adhesion, longevity and appearance as compared to polysulfide, polyurethane and MS polymers - Black caulk is ready for sanding after a minimum of 48 hours at 68°F (20°C) - This is based on seams ¼”x¼” (6.4mmx6.4mm), larger seams may require additional time 
  • PROPERTIES || Available in white and gray - Product has 18-month shelf life from date of manufacture (printed on bottle) - Meets Federal Specifications & ASTM C920 - Manufactured in an ISO 9001 facility  

SIS440 Caulk is the proven leader in the marine industry and was developed specifically for teak deck seams. It is a one-part, paste-like neutral cure formulation and when exposed to moisture in the air, it reacts to form a tough, flexible solid rubber compound. The sealant does not sag during cure, and has excellent temperature stability and chemical resistance once cured. Because the sealant is neutral cure, it is non-corrosive to all substrates, will not damage the surrounding environment or structures, and provides minimum shrinkage. Caulk is easy to sand and will not clog sandpaper.

Store in a dry area at temperatures above 32°F (0°C) and below 80°F (26°C). Do not expose to direct sunlight, extreme heat, or freezing. The sealant has a shelf life of 18 months from manufacture date. See “BEST USED BY” date on packaging. Not designed for use under the waterline.

Other Applications:
- Bedding deck equipment/hardware
- Bedding parts (steps, pads, etc.)
- Caulk seams in other wood decks
- Edges around sealed windows
- Construction

About TDS SIS440 Caulk:
More than 50,000 decks manufactured and installed in 35 years; 166 miles (267 km) of caulked seams per year. Well-tested and proven in hot or cold climates. Used by boat builders, boat repair yards, marinas, private boat owners, cruise ships, and ship chandleries.